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by Joell Ortiz & KXNG Crooked

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"Survived in the era where Starter would get you ended" - Joell Ortiz Yea brother it’s been a ride since that cover From the hood to seeing the whole world wit 1 another wit 2 other Mother fuckers among us the 4 Brothers To this day, we break the internet we talk to each other Maybe one day we’ll reunite at Coachella Til then, it’s just me and my dog Old Yeller Jo-ell is just a Fresh poem teller from the jects Where dope sellers wore a vest And chrome metal would eject Til whole melons was a mess In front of the building I minded my business bumpin that Audio 2, sipping Yoo-hoo milk i was chilling Buffalo Hat Top Billing man give me credit I survived in a era where starter would get you ended It’s was cool to get love but still move wit ya snub Cause that 8 ball, a have you playing pool full of blood Fast forward just bought a billiard room and a club Chalk it up to how I still be in these booths wit the drugs The Yaowa like the most potent sour diesel flower Crushed wit the coca leaf man that’s a high powered powder Like how the fuck can the sound of me have you both down and up together like the staircase I came outta I amounted to more than any coward fingers could count up I got Bullets for haters and a trigger for doubters 2 sig sauers Become a headache, they Aleve u right over the counter Near all the sunflower seeds sour powers and now and laters Now the neighbors wave they see me come down the Block remember my shop teacher telling me stop Wit the beatbox lunchtable hip hop I’m a flop He failed me, 20 years later look who’ setting up shop .. Really though
Get Ya Money 02:43
You can’t tell me shit I’m in this bitch taking belvi sips feeling like the only one who truly knew JOELL a be rich I’m walking into 40 feeling 26 Azad watch, heavy wrist Pull ups push up and dips 20 a clip I’m in my tank top looking like the old Fif Enemy killer on my hip, gues that’s why they call it a Foe Fif Jump in my new whip, bumpin some old shit Grown shit, Fahrenheit cologne shit Oh shit Them 1st half deposist from them shows Bank teller cougar looking at ya boy ferocious No miss I’m a married man wife badder than arrival time of ambulances in the hood with traffic jams after them cannons blam Digital scale wit shake on it going hand to hand Now business deals we shake on it, still a hand to hand But different though... careful how u living bro I keep business on my mind and stay minding my business yo...
Joell “Catchin Bodies” verses I always been athletic, some people say this rap is a sport Walk them cleats on this field, drag yo ass on this court.. You enrolled in Sunday School, u ca slack if you want See Some artists request love, I just Black in my thoughts It’s rooted in me, do u grizzly with the back of my paws That’s just a bare handed smack can u imagine my claws Ripping Grissle you’ll need a million feet of tissue and gauze To absorb puddles I’ll pluck u, reposition your jaw Stomp ya favorite rappers head his brains a spill on the floor That’s bootlegging, see his album before it get to the stores Give u this whole magazine until you sit wit the lord You know the vibes XXL shells hitting the Source Street showers, clear the block like its street sweep hours Then Spin the block and sweep again I’m a neat freak coward Run outta all 9 lives when u meet Me Yaowa I’m wit all that Riff Raff I’m like Heathcliff partner My wordsworff.. no amount of money shit is priceless my mic Gets divine drip every time spit leaves my lips and finds it way to the windscreen like glass in front of a pilot in the sky wit unlimited flight mileage .. its like Glasses wit prescription mixed wit Pateks from the district Time to focus like I crushed a hundred adderalls and sniffed it Pick any rapper you fathom, simply add em to a wishlist Ill rap circles around ‘em like a basketball for Christmas Who wanna bet I turn Jedi knight And wave lights day and night like a red eye flight Leia princess in the sky like she Luke partner.. one Han Solo out the Windu here’s something for you to Chew baca!!!
Joell “Lose My Mind” verse Grandma used to tell me everything a be ok.. radiator broke and the cold won’t go away Sick for 6 days man this cold won’t go away Elevator stuck and it’s no hot water Another night taking baths in that stove top water Moms running out the house when her blow got shorter Somewhere in the Bronx this nigga Po shot Porter It’s Rich families on tv wit a robot daughter I’m standing in the arcade and don’t got quarters Sneakers got the lean made my low tops shorter Lent in my hair, snot in my nose Stains on my gear, nobody knows What it feels like to feel like in real life you gotta lie to feel like ya real life don’t feel like you not alive Standing in the spot where ya partner died Too young to see homicide, you traumatized Visions of the back of ya fathers ride Pulling off, u smelling the exhaust while ya momma cries A young man, wit nobody left to idolize 28 grams, y’all know the bottle size My block got monetized, monopolized had my own park place .. never put they whip in my spot.. I’m driving by My hood right now thinking how the hell I survive? That liquor every night, chicken wings, a side of fries And beef that never took a day off... stay off the strip during holidays wit fireworks cause they Are The perfect camouflage for drama let the K off And never take work you can’t pay off if something go wrong ...
Nah... Don’t asked what happened to me... Before you put out the weed and try to preach, just pass it to me Much respect for tryna keep me out the game.. But me and you is the same lost people just different names Admired the nicer thangs from afar, but ain’t complain Just put our brain to work and created our own lanes But see my lane picking up and I’m a need the whole thang My connect ain’t got it like that and I’m done wit small change Every day he make me wait another day I must explain To a hungry ass team to sit tight and maintain I Was hoping me and you could you know... let me explain.. I’ll pay a whole extra point just to show u that I ain’t playing I got them boys getting busy, the comeback is insane Ain’t gotta worry bout no heat, no whips, no gold chains Just a whole lotta money while everybody stay plain I’ll knock off one a week in my sleep, wit no strain WOLVES CHORUS: I’m a product of where they move product Getting money cause the block got us The Top dogs make the Top Dollaz But the wolves get money and they Robbers Ooowwwuuuuuu (Welcome to Brooklyn nigga) Ooowwwuuuuuu (Welcome to Brooklyn nigga)
Lovely 02:39
Joell “Lovely” verse and hook Every day I wake up to the same old thing... it’s hot as fuck, my ac broke, my windows stay open Mosquitos taking me to church these niggas pray on me My momma chewing off my ear, boy you need a J.o.b Man I should tell her I sell.... never mind I’ll stay low key I grab my keys, throw on my headphones play that H.O.V Head right outside to check my homies I know where they gon be They on that strip, busting them licks they ain’t gon wait on me I can’t blame em, gotta get yo money man get paid OG Lemme stop at the store to grab a Dutch and roll this Hayes up B Walk towards my crew and take a puff ok I take like 3 Y’all niggas done snatched up all this bread y’all ain’t gon save none for me? My niggas laughed, I passed the gas like I ate OD Yo What we drinking on tonight..? Somebody gon say OLD E Man I ain’t drinking that shit no more man that shit taste like pee *Crook* Ayo Whatever, man it’s better than that St IDEs Gee Them cops was tripping last night they raided 803 P try to H.O.P over that G.A.T.E easy the cop said them pigs waiting on P He gon be fronting when het home wit all his weight up B watch.... Chorus: Lovely day.. Lovely day.. Such a lovely day around my way... Lovely day.. Lovely day.. Such a lovely day around my way... Lovely day.. Lovely day.. Such a lovely day around my way... Lovely day.. Lovely day.. Such a lovely day around my way...
Memorial Day 03:49
We all standing outside in that all black Some niggas dress the best they could in them worn slacks I don’t get along wit everybody here but outta respect I’m a fall back, so today I ain’t on that I was just gon sign the book and dip But u my man so I’m a give you this last look and shit .. Now ya mother coming my way For her I’m a act ok, but Son I don’t know what to say... My mouth ain’t move for nothing is wild I just paused... She gave me this long hug and then smiled and said.. im ok But she ain’t mean that I ca see she torn apart and that just hit me in my heart They finna start ya eulogy ... Yea, that part.. I just flashed back to that park in Brooklyn where we slap boxed Or took it to the court and slapped backboards then pushed it to street, 2 hand touch, we’d play from that car to that car We go that far back Im talking little Just happy while u was here I always told you that you official This shit foul man blow the whistle Hang my man Jersey in the Rafters we gon miss you Wet tissue, as ya fam lift you Walk u out the church to the hearse give u that last lift to That place they gon forever sit you Below the ground, I’ll hold it down and never forget you... CHORUS: Pledge allegiance to the flags and the doo-rags None of us came up good so we do bad Victims of circumstance, food stamps Cash advances from welfare and bullshit healthcare .... We all we got.. look around this house of worship let’s dead this war shit we all we got.. We all we got.. look around this house of worship I mean come on kids we all we got




Album Announced by Complex 5/7/2020

Joell Ortiz & KXNG Crooked met the year they both won XXL's coveted Freshmen of the Year Award. The two's careers are as legendary as any in the rap game. Joell Ortiz started by signing to Dr. Dre's Aftermath label, then moving to Shady records as part of the Super group Slaughterhouse with Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9 and KXNG Crooked. Add to that a fresh feature on Eminem's newest album "Music To Be Murdered By." Meanwhile, KXNG Crooked was signed to Virgin Records at just 17 before joining Death Row Records. He's had a flourishing solo career including collaborations along the way with TechN9ne, 2Pac, Benny The Butcher, Raekwon, Akon, Ray J and more. The West Coast LBC representer KXNG Crooked and Brooklyn's Joell Ortiz have finally come together for the new joint project "H.A.R.D." out May 29th on Mello Music Group.


released May 29, 2020

Executive Producers: Gregory Green, Joell Ortiz, Michael Tolle
Recording by Heatmakerz @ Diamond District Studios
Additional Recording by Jimmy Casillas @ Gritty Ark Studios
Album Art & Graphic Design by Austin Hart


all rights reserved



Joell Ortiz Brooklyn, New York


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